“Communication in the 21st Century” training held in Kamina from 20-22 July, 2015

IMG_20150720_135017[1]North Katanga Annual Conference held the communication training soon after the 45th session of the Annual Conference in Kamina from 20-22 July, 2015. This training was done in partnership with United Methodist Communications.

North Katanga Annual Conference was blessed to have Vicki Brown, News editor from United Methodist News room, Rev Neelley Hicks, Director of ICT4D Church Initiatives, both from Nashville, Tennessee. Julio Malikane and Jane Kavita are from Medic Mobile who trained both medical doctors and nurses how to use cellphone for disease surveillance and pregnant women monitoring for prenatal care.This communication training is for transformation and change of behavior.

Participants learnt about the importance of branding of UMC by Joe Tueche from Cote d’Ivoire United Methodist Church and Jean Marc Dogo who spoke on the Skype about marketing. All means of communication can change lives.

It has been a blessing to host Philip Olonga from East Congo, John Kaumba from South Congo and Rev Chris Tshitenga from Central Congo for the opportunities and challenges of technology in the 21st century.

Watch this video for the importance of communication:


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